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Fall Session - Coming Soon!

                  Age/level                                           Days                                   Time





                   - hrs. classes -     session


                    Mondays - 

                    Saturdays - 

      $10 discount on siblings attending complete sessions   


   Winter Session

Dates        Please pay close attention to the dates - no classes when there is a middle school concert.

                Mondays - 

                Saturdays - 


Spring Session

Dates        Please pay close attention to the dates - no classes when there is a middle school concert.

                Mondays - 

                Saturdays - 


Rehearsal             at High School

Gym Show          at High School



 Summer (Register for workouts with classes according to your grade)

                All preteam may join the 4th grade & up classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays

                    1st week - 

                    2nd week -

                    3rd week - 

                    4th week - 

                    5th week - 


                    Age/level             Days                                           Time


                    1st – 3rd                 

                    4th – 6th                 


                    Preschool       - 1hr. classes -               

                    1st – 3rd         – 1 ½ hr. classes -         

                    4th – 6th         – 1 ½ hr. classes -        


          $5 discount on siblings attending complete sessions



This is a day camp week.  Doors open at 8:00am, instruction starts promptly at 9:00am.  Lunch is 11:20am – 12:00pm.  Instruction concludes at 2:00pm.  For sessions 1 & 3 there is a morning and afternoon activity, session 2 has only an afternoon activity. A half-day camp is available for preschoolers.

Session #1            July              All levels, ½ day preschool

Session #2            July             Advanced, by coaches’ approval

Session #3            July         All levels, ½ day preschool


           session           for two sessions                    for three sessions

           ½ day session       for two ½ day sessions   (9:00 – 11:20 ½ day)

          $10 discount on siblings


          Optional lunch menu $5 per day.  We purchase from the children’s menu:

          Tentative restaurant schedule - 

          Monday-McDonald’s, Tuesday-Patrick’s, Wednesday-Wendy’s, Thursday-Buffet, Friday-Pizza


For more information or to register use the contact tab 

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