Moon Invitational


Girl’s Gymnastics Invitational Rules

The 2018 Moon Gymnastics Invitational will be held at Moon Middle School on Saturday, January 20, 2018.

Enclosed you will find an entry blank which must be submitted to me no later than January 15, 2018.  If you do not have enough gymnasts to field a team, you may enter them for individual awards and for qualifying scores.   

To defray tournament expenses, an entry fee of $5 per event will be charged.

The following ground rules will prevail for this tournament.

1     Gymnasts will compete in one division – Advanced/Diamond, Intermediate I/Gold, or Inter. II/Silver, or Bronze.  Please enter your gymnast in their proper division.  This is early in the season, so use your best judgment and take into account past and present performances when making these decisions.  Ex. – If you anticipate your gymnast will be gold – but at the end of season they qualify silver – this registration does not affect their eligibility.

Individual gymnasts (those without a high school team) may compete on any and/or all of their events.  You will be eligible for individual awards. 

2     The top four scores from all of your gymnasts on each event will count toward the team score.

3     If your competitor total exceeds 12 per event, we may need to compete your team over two rotations to keep the tournament moving smoothly.  In this case you will probably need two coaches with you, since your team will be warming up and competing in back to back rotations. 

4     Awards will be presented in each event and all around for each division, proportional to the number of entrants in each division.

5     Athletes MUST be present to receive awards.  Non-attendance of awards ceremony will forfeit award and it will be presented to next in line.  (Absent due to meet injury accepted exception to this rule)

6     Team trophy(s) will be awarded to the gymnastics team accumulating the most points overall during the invitational from their top four competitors in each event.  1st & 2nd place team awards.

7     A coach must accompany all competitors.

8     Student admission will be $3       Adults - $5        Tickets sold at gate only.

9     Please do not bring in outside vendor food into this will not be permitted to enter the building with it.  Please inform your gymnasts and families of this policy.  The concession stand helps cover the expenses of hosting this event.  All food must remain in the cafeteria - in the new school this will be strictly enforced.


8:30am                       Doors Open

8:30 – 9:00                 Open Stretch & Bar Sets

9:00                            Coaches Meeting

9:25                            First Warm-up Rotation

9:45                            Gymnasts Get Ready (president performers warm-up)

10:00am                     Opening Ceremonies & Competition Begins

            Please note:  Warm-up / Compete rotations will be used for bars, beam & floor.  The table vault will be available in the main gym.  You will warm-up and then compete on that event in a combined rotation.  There will be a touch warm-up on bars, beam & floor competitive equipment to allow any needed adjustments for the gymnast.  Bars, Beam & Floor rotations will move to their next event simultaneously.  Please instruct your gymnasts to remain at their event until all competition is complete for that rotation.

The complete warm-up and competition information will be passed out at the coaches meeting.

            All four events will run simultaneously – two officials per event.

            Awards will immediately follow the conclusion of all competition.

Gymnasts - Please keep personal items in the locker rooms – bring locks - we will not be responsible for lost or stollen items.

            Directions to the middle school and proper entrance doors to use will be available on the website -                         

                    Park in main lot - Use Entrance E

A concession stand will be available for participants and spectators desiring refreshments during the invitational.  An eating area will be provided, as food and refreshments will not be permitted in the gym.  Proceeds fund the Recreational Gymnastics Program.  We hope this information covers all questions with regard to the 2018 Moon Invitational. 

If there are any further questions, please contact Amy (724) 457-6618



                                                                        Thank you,




                                                                        Amy Caprino,

                                                                        Coach, Moon Area HS

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Oct 16, 2017, 7:19 PM
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Amy C,
Oct 16, 2017, 7:19 PM